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In Portfolio on January 30, 2013 at 10:59 am

One of the problems with writing websites is that they tend to disappear.

I’d love to show you the work I did for ercol, for example. But it’s changed so much that only a few sentence fragments remain.

When I was employed at Publicis-Dialog during the noughties, I did an even bigger job for a housebuilder called Wilcon Homes. Their existing site wasn’t very user friendly, so we started again and created an enormous site with tons of information on every part of the housebuying process. One of the big changes was in the search engine – I thought it made more sense to look for a new home by location or price, instead of the name of the development. It’s pretty obvious (and I think the same about travel agents), but apparently it was revolutionary. A few years later I met someone who told me it became the industry leading website. I tried to find it this week, but after we re-branded Wilcon Homes to Wilson Connolly, it was bought by another housebuilder, who has since been bought by yet another.

Happily, I found the current owners of the website here. They are still using the same search engine and much of the information I originally wrote. There’s even some of my wording on the homepage. It’s not all mine, though – I would never start a paragraph with the word “We”.

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