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My favourite non-award-winning loyalty pack

In Portfolio on January 11, 2013 at 4:24 pm

This pre-ethical piece is one of the few jobs I was really pleased with from my time in the States. The brief was to launch a new loyalty scheme to customers of a cell phone (UK: mobile phone) provider. The offer was: Nothing. Nothing at all. Diddly squat.

So all we could do was tell people what they already had.

After coming up with a name and the coolest membership card of any scheme I’ve worked on (kudos to director Katie Hopkins), we mailed out the following pack:

360_outer front

A reverse window outer with the new logo as a constellation.

360_outer back

We used the circle motif everyone. It’s not very practical when it comes to windows, but we did it anyway.


The letter introduces the program (UK: programme) – this version is for the upper-tier (Select) members – and includes a member-get-member device.

360_letter back

The lesson from this letter is, if you have nothing to say, use parentheses.

360_brochure front

Another beautiful bit of re-touching.


The first reveal welcomes the reader to a new world of appreciation.

360_inside left

By this point, I hope the reader is amused and entertained…

360_inside right

…and ready for the next time they see the Circle One logo (in follow-up mailings).

360_card carrier

Here’s the membership card I was talking about.

360_card carrier back

And the back of the card carrier.

I’ll post the follow-up mailings next week, so you can see how this developed. My only regret is that the pack was never entered into an award. The client refused, because they wanted to keep their competitive advantage – a sentiment I had to respect, even if I disagreed. What use are awards anyway? They only need dusting.

  1. […] short time after the launch pack, we mailed this piece to those “lucky” enough to be at the elite level of the […]

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